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Looking ahead with sustainability

At our inaugural BlackRock Global Summit, we gathered clients, business leaders and thought leaders to explore how sustainable investing could accelerate economic recovery. From changing company behavior to the resilience of sustainable investment strategies, see what they discussed.
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Sustainability through stewardship

Investment stewardship

We are committed to providing transparency into our investment stewardship activities. Learn more about how we are delivering on our commitment here.
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  • Water causes risks to portfolios

    1 in 4 people globally live in regions at risk of water scarcity – where demand exceeds supply1. This creates a financial risk that we believe investors are overlooking.
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  • Helping our clients invest sustainably

    In January, we made a commitment to help our clients achieve their sustainable investing goals.
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  • Sustainability is fundamentally reshaping finance

    Climate change is driving a profound reassessment of risk and we anticipate significant reallocation of capital.
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Income for every outcome
Delivering the income you need through our range of investment solutions
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Income for every outcome
People & Money 2020
We believe the BlackRock People & Money report1 is about discovery, truth and opportunity. As the world changes, so does people’s thinking about money. That’s why we traveled the globe to talk to them about this complicated relationship. This is their story. And the more we listen, the better we can act.
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People & Money 2020
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2020 Midyear Global Outlook
The coronavirus shock is accelerating structural trends in inequality, globalization, macro policy and sustainability. This is fundamentally reshaping the investment landscape and will be key to investor outcomes.
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2020 Midyear Global Outlook
  • The Bid podcast

    The Bid Podcast

    By BlackRock
    Listen to The BID to uncover BlackRock’s perspective on timely market events and investment ideas.
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  • Unleash the potential of China bonds
    Investment Ideas

    Unleash the potential of China bonds

    By BlackRock
    China bonds comparatively offer higher yields with muted volatility and have lower correlations to global risk assets.
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  • ETF Education hub
    ETF Education hub

    Explore our new ETF education hub

    24-Dec-2019 | By BlackRock
    Learn about ETFs in simplified terms, and how you can use them in your investment portfolio.
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  • BGF Global Multi-Asset Income Fund

    BGF Global Multi-Asset Income Fund

    The BGF Global Multi-Asset Income fund protects your capital on the downside and rewards you on the upside.

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  • BGF Dynamic High Income Fund

    BGF Dynamic High Income Fund

    The BGF Dynamic High Income Fund goes beyond the conventional to help Singaporean investors to achieve the yield they need.

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  • BGF Asian Tiger Bond Fund

    BGF Asian Tiger Bond Fund

    BGF Asian Tiger Bond Fund invests across the credit spectrum to capture opportunities in Asia and generate long term returns

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